the space between: chapter ten

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Seth vibrated with aggressive energy and yet he stood motionless. 

She’s not supposed to be here.

Don’t you think I fucking know that? he shot back to the inner voice that had chosen the wrong moment to state the obvious.  Seth’s mind churned with questions, but the dangerous violence crawling up and down his spine with greater and greater speed, waiting to be released, indicated how close he was to snapping.  Continue reading

the space between: chapter nine

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Seth stood with his back against the wall and his arms crossed over his chest.  Kessler had returned to his favorite place, pacing circles atop the surface of the bar. 

They both waited. 

Seth accepted that he could be waiting for backup that may never come.  Consequently, he had been formulating a plan A and a plan B in the twenty minutes that had elapsed since he ended his call with Janie. Continue reading

the space between: chapter eight

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Jules looked at him, and in that moment he saw the woman who had cried over her mother’s broken, lifeless body.  The same combination of fear, anger, and regret in her eyes now had been there then. In spite of her mother’s abandonment, Jules had still been the lost little girl who wanted her mother to come back. 

“It wasn’t your fault, Jules.”

“Wasn’t it?” she countered. Continue reading

the space between: chapter seven

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What else hadn’t he seen that was right in front of him?

“What is he talking about Jules?”

She raised her gaze to his, and the defiance she had demonstrated in the face of Otto’s arrogance transformed into stark apology.  Jules lifted her wrists and held them out as though she was waiting to be handcuffed.  The canned lights in the ceiling shone down on the black wristbands she wore.  It would have been easy to mistake them for those wearable pieces of technology that were all the rage these days.  A second look revealed what they really were.

“In case you were wondering, there is no trigger to press—or as may be, not press,” Kessler said.  “If I don’t terminate the connection between those wristbands and my phone within the next fifty-nine minutes, one of your oldest friends meets her maker.” Continue reading

review: odd thomas

Odd Thomas by Dean Koontz (2003)

Though I have liked both of the books I have read by Dean Koontz in the past (Fear Nothing and Phantoms) he isn’t one of my go-to authors.  My perception of his work and the fact that his name is frequently spoken in the same breath as Stephen King’s (and as it happens, the books of these two writers are often found on the same shelves, almost back to back with each other), I tend to think of his novels as residing more in the horror genre than anything else.  Horror isn’t a genre I seek out all that often because I don’t like to be scared.  Life in the 21st century is plenty scary enough.  But then every time I read a book by Koontz I remember that it isn’t that his books are really horror.  Instead they are suspenseful and you don’t always know what awaits the characters around the next corner.  If you haven’t ever picked up a book by Dean Koontz because you’re also not a fan of the horror genre, but you do like suspenseful stories that will keep you turning the pages, give Odd Thomas a try. Continue reading