english 251 – flash fiction story starter

Hello Class! Here is the blog post I promised in yesterday's class.  Your mission:  Write a piece of flash fiction that features the protagonist and antagonist you began creating in yesterday's class.  Remember that the story takes place in a mall.  You want to try to use the conflict/crisis/resolution structure we have been talking about... Continue Reading →

the stopping point

It's mid-term of the fall semester.  Like the fall semester of 2011, I have elected to give my students (and myself) a day off during this week.  They deserve it, and I need it.  But to say that today has been a "day off" or that I have any expectation that tomorrow I will be... Continue Reading →

a less caffeinated me

I love coffee. The sound of my coffee maker and the smell of coffee brewing, cradling the warm cup in my hands, and the first taste of the morning--these are the loveliest parts of my morning routine.  Perhaps because the act of making and drinking my morning coffee involves nearly all of my senses. It's... Continue Reading →

sunday ROW80 check-in ~ #7

Today's check-in may be more of a reflection than an update.  It may also be a bit disjointed; if it is, apologies in advance. It's Day 35 of Round 3 of ROW80.  I was just entering today's wordcount into the spreadsheet I've been keeping to track my progress toward my goals, and I realized that... Continue Reading →

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