the space between: chapter ten

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Seth vibrated with aggressive energy and yet he stood motionless. 

She’s not supposed to be here.

Don’t you think I fucking know that? he shot back to the inner voice that had chosen the wrong moment to state the obvious.  Seth’s mind churned with questions, but the dangerous violence crawling up and down his spine with greater and greater speed, waiting to be released, indicated how close he was to snapping.  Continue reading

the space between: chapter nine

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Seth stood with his back against the wall and his arms crossed over his chest.  Kessler had returned to his favorite place, pacing circles atop the surface of the bar. 

They both waited. 

Seth accepted that he could be waiting for backup that may never come.  Consequently, he had been formulating a plan A and a plan B in the twenty minutes that had elapsed since he ended his call with Janie. Continue reading

the space between: chapter eight

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Jules looked at him, and in that moment he saw the woman who had cried over her mother’s broken, lifeless body.  The same combination of fear, anger, and regret in her eyes now had been there then. In spite of her mother’s abandonment, Jules had still been the lost little girl who wanted her mother to come back. 

“It wasn’t your fault, Jules.”

“Wasn’t it?” she countered. Continue reading